Our Brand

It all started with the name Atelier Ana Pereira over 15 years ago. We started with licensing of Architecture projects.

As time went by, we devoted ourselves to interior architecture, where we ended up dedicating ourselves 100%, creating exclusive design and interior architecture projects in private homes, commercial spaces and hotels, at any stage of the work.

We had the need to register our brand, the Atelier is now accompanied by the name LA BOISERIE, By Atelier Ana Pereira, with its own line of furniture.

Today we are a reference company in the area of design, interior architecture and remodelling.

Our Work

Through highly qualified personnel, personalised assistance and the most advanced technologies, we are able to transform the simplest of dwellings into places of intimacy, comfort and well-being.

From the simplest interior decoration projects of just one room (kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc…), or complete interior architecture projects, remodellings, we manage to combine the aesthetics with the functionality of each space, making it harmonious and unique.

Through our personalised contact, we are able to meet any aspiration, accessible to all ideas and budgets: the project starts with the first contact with the client, where he shows us what he wants. The small ideas soon form, creating functional and welcoming environments, responding to the expectations of each client.

We have, in each project, a personalized and permanent follow-up from the first contact to the delivery, so that the final result is always unique and surprising.


2D and 3D projects of Interior Decoration.
It includes the design of an area of the space of your choice, with personalised furniture design, so that in the end it is easier to visualise your decorated space.

This service is provided by an interior architect who will help you decorate your space, send us an email or call to schedule a meeting and thus define with our professionals what you want to decorate.

We have our own tailor-made furniture production, provide a unique design and adapt our products to your space and taste.

At La Boiserie all the furniture is personalised, both in the choice of finishes, colours, fabrics, measurements, etc..

A La Boiserie makes partial or total interior remodelling works, such as finishes, custom-made furniture, etc. Everything you need to have a dream home.

What is Home Staging?

Home Staging is a proven and effective sales technique that integrates decoration with marketing to create an experience for home buyers.

It’s more than just providing a home – it’s the visual presentation of a property, clearly defining each space to sell a lifestyle.

We prepare the space for potential buyers to imagine how they could live in a property and make it their home.

In Home Staging, every detail counts!

To attract more buyers and a higher offer, we make the space visually pleasant in order to draw attention to the best features of the house.

Every detail counts in the sale of a house. From the cleaning to the state of conservation, from the placement of furniture to lighting, colour, art and accessories.

If you are an Owner or Real Estate Consultant and are preparing a property for sale or rent, this service can help you sell faster and add value to your property.

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